Nadia Pateguana, ND
Health Consultant
Dr. Nadia used fasting and a low-carbohydrate diet to reverse her polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and achieve a healthy body composition.

Dr. Nadia’s own experience with intermittent fasting inspired her to change her entire practice as a doctor of naturopathic medicine. She shifted her focus to lifestyle factors at the root of metabolic syndrome (including obesity, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, PCOS, and fatty liver).

Dr. Nadia joined The Fasting Method in 2016 as an intermittent fasting coach at the Toronto-based clinic. Since then, Dr. Nadia has become The Fasting Method’s resident women’s health expert and co-authored The PCOS Plan with Dr. Jason Fung. She also has her own YouTube Channel.

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